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The Impact of Surgery Recording

At its Core . . . .

Surgical recordings provide indisputable visual evidence of the standard of care, best practices, and patient safety during surgical procedures.


The availability of the 2nd generation HALO surgical recording solution has arrived at a time when there is heightened interest in completely automated digital documentation and seamless data management in the surgery room, driven by the following impacts.

OR Impact

The 2005 Patient Safety and Care Act (amended in 2020) prescribed a set of compliance requirements in hospital environments thus shining a light on the surgical processes and communication. As a result, the use of surgery recordings has become a critical review tool used across multiple disciplines.

OR Operations -- QA peer reviews of OR processes and patient communications

HR Processes -- Performance improvement reviews, strategies, and training

Risk Management -- Confirmation of regulatory compliance and audit support.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. It helps people grasp their full responsibilities as patient safety and care leaders. Having manually edited 5,000+ procedures with our 1st generation QVH system, we can say with confidence that the presence of recording capability in a procedure room has a transformational impact on the human factors and team processes.

Patient Impact Trust and Peace of Mind. The availability of procedure recordings establishes a high level of confidence in the prescribed treatment, surgery team, and OR environment.

Profitability Impact

For the Insurance Provider - Authentication

Indisputable evidence that closes the loop between the original diagnosis, prescribed treatment plan, and procedure thus reducing the amount of time-consuming insurance claim research and investigation.

For the Healthcare Provider - Collaboration

Indisputable evidence of all procedure elements thus removing any ambiguity and achieving optimal rates of return for insurance settlements.

Legal Impact Proactive preparedness with, a) Collaboration of surgical processes, best practices, and patient safety for regulatory and credential audits, b) evidentiary defense in malpractice claims.

Marketing Impact The outcome of these values will resonate with and attract repeat referrals from the medical, legal, insurance, and government communities in your area, in effect, long-term organic growth. Learn more, click here . . . . .

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