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Operating Room
Recording System (ORR)


The QVH ORR solution can automatically capture, process and distribute comprehensive recordings of surgical processes and machine images thus providing a digital record of each patient procedure.


In the past, physicians have typically provided written narratives after each procedure and occasional trial testimony to describe a surgical procedure thus subject to interpretation neither of which could be collaborated.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.  The QVH solution addresses the collaboration issue head-on by providing visual proof (indisputable evidence) of all aspects of the procedure process, best practices, regulatory compliance, and operating environment.


Operating Room Management

Medical Peer Review Teams

Risk & Compliance Officers

HR Administrators

Industry Marketing

Auditors and Regulators

Insurance Administrators

Personal Injury Attorneys

Market Area Referrals

End-to-End Solution

Comprehensive Surgery Views

  • Simultaneous capture of multiple camera

       views and radiology image

  • All cameras has the same time code, with

        different angles and perspectives 

  • Using advanced Sony STARVIS image sensor

  • Tablet based auto focus and zoom controls


Seamless and Automated Operation

  • End-to-end integration of video capture,

       streaming, recording, display, and distribution​

  • Runs on demand 24 x 7

  • Operated by an intuitive handheld tablet


Zero Environmental Impact

  • Small inconspicuous form factor

  • No wires, no foot print, no sound

  • No-invasive of any surgical workflow


No Security & Dependency Consideration

  • Secure IP and inside the firewall

  • Stand along, no Cloud dependency


Compliant & Non-Proprietary Technology

  • HIPAA data compliant

  • Off-the-shelf, industry standard, 

       non-proprietary components

  • Open source software platform

Claim Rates
Rate of Return.jpg

Rate of Return is increased with visual collaboration of Doctor's report. 

Resolution cycles are accelerated 

given indisputable proof of standard of care, best practices, and patient safety.

Patient Referral Growth
Market Share.jpg

Expand Market Area Penetration –the impact of increased insurance settlement rates and shorter resolution periods will not go unnoticed in your market area.


This will attract and increase your referral rate from the medical and legal communities, insurance companies & government agencies

of Risk 
decrease risk.png

   Risk Mitigation confirmation of . . .

  • Pre-procedure and post-procedure processes

  • Patient communications and handling

  • Personnel identification and behavior

  • Procedure best practices

  • Regulatory compliance

Optimize Operations Management
Regulatory Compliance.png

The 2005 Patient Safety and Care Act is focused on the surgical environment and processes; thus, the use of digital medical records has become a critical tool across multiple disciplines. 

OR - QA peer reviews of OR processes and patient communications.

HR - Performance improvement reviews, strategies, and training..

RM - Compliance audit reviews.

Leveraging Digital medical records

Court Room Recording System (CRR)



Court room recording systems are not new.  They have been used for both surveillance and or trial testimony for decades.  Often requires set-up and post production processing.  


The NextGen 2.0 system provides a permanent in room solution that automatically records, processes, and distributes videos of court room proceedings on demand.


The QVH solution can simultaneously capture multiple camera images positioned throughout the court room environment.  The audio and video from these cameras are integrated and displayed simultaneously.


Its process includes a post session tool for Administrators to include participant identification, testimony and court room processes.


Judges and Court Room Staff
Prosecution and Defense Attorneys
Reviewers and Appeals

Defendant Remote Depositions

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