The Complete AV Recording System



In the past, physicians usually provided a written narrative after each procedure and subsequent trial testimony as required to describe a surgical procedure thus subject to interpretation neither of which could be collaborated without visual evidence

The QVH recording solution addresses the collaboration issue and more by providing multiple views of a patient procedure thus comprehensive proof of all aspects of the procedure process, best practices, regulatory compliance and operating environment.


The QVH solution can simultaneously capture views and machine images thus providing a record of internal and external views of a recorded procedure.

Its process includes, 

a) The creation and transfer of procedure videos in real-time to Customer storage facilities for subsequent viewing in accordance with established compliance protocol

b) A post procedure tool for Administrators to include patient identification and procedure information.


Operations Management

Insurance Administrators

Medical Review Teams

Personal Injury Attorneys

Risk & Compliance Officers

HR Administrators

Industry Marketing

Auditors and Regulators


Market Penetration

Expand Market Penetration – Digital documentation will increased demand by the legal community, insurance companies and government agencies. 

Claim Rates

Claim Support - digital documentation provides evidentiary proof of the use of best practices thus the potential to significantly increase reimbursements over your current rates.

decrease risk.png

   Risk Mitigation confirmation of . . .

  • Pre-procedure and post-procedure processes

  • Patient communications and handling

  • Personnel identification and behavior

  • Procedure best practices

  • Regulatory compliance


Fee Generation – Generate access fees from personal injury attorneys, process review teams, workman’s compensation agencies, and insurance claim processes.



Historically, Court room recording systems are not new.  They have been used for both surveillance and or trial testimony.  Some required set-up of recording equipment on a as needed basis, others were limited in purpose and scope.  The NextGen 2.0 system provides evidentiary support for all trial participants and testimony simultaneously.



The QVH solution can simultaneously capture multiple camera images positioned throughout the court room environment.  The audio and video from these cameras are integrated and displayed as a single yet multi-segment recording displays all aspects of the court room simultaneously.


Its process includes, a) the creation and transfer of court room recording to the Courts storage facilities for subsequent viewing in accordance with established compliance protocol, b) a post session tool for Administrators to include participant identification, testimony and court room processes.

Judges and Court Room Staff
Prosecution and Defense Attorneys
Reviewers and Appeals

Defendant Remote Depositions