User Interface

  • Small handheld Tablet that communicates with the QVH system via WIFI

  • Intuitive graphics to direct set-up, START and STOP of each video

  • Settings to designate recording identification, duration and functions

Procedure Room Display

  • Large wall mounted flat screen that can display multiple camera and machine image simultaneously

  • Display segments can be fixed or rotating among multiple cameras

  • This same format is recorded and displayed in the final video file


Post Procedure Workstation

  • Browser based APP that can be used by in-house or remote users

  • Intuitive user interface based on the ubiquitous spreadsheet format

  • Provides the ability to input and edit Patient Identification.

  • The QVH system automatically embeds this information header into each procedure video

Final MP4 Video Output

  • The final video format is as illustrated on the right.

  • Includes the exact same images that were displayed on the procedure room flat screen

  • Can include the audio of the procedure room personnel

  • Produced in the MP4 format which typically works with almost any viewer


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