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Independent Sales Representation Opportunity in your Area?

Medical Device Sales
Quad Vid
eo HALO is seeking an independent sales representatives that can leverage their medical sales experience and contacts to sell HALO solutions to area hospitals, surgery centers, and pain clinics. 

Opportunity Profile:  

Value Proposition

The HALO solution is a wonderful opportunity to expand your product offering portfolio.  The product is very straightforward, easy-to-understand value propositions that are strategic, extremely practical, and will revolutionize the surgical procedure practice in any hospital, surgery center, or pain clinic. 

 Sales Environment

1. Leverages current digital trends in surgical environments

2. Proven reliability and ease of use system operation

3. Budget-friendly financials

  • Low front-end cost

  • Pay-as-you-go usage fee. 

4. Extensive value proposition

  • Patient trust

  • OR excellence

  • Effective risk management

  • Value based referral marketing

  • Optimal practice profitability

5. Short sales cycle

6. Short installation and go-live cycle (4-6 hrs.)

7. Solution specific design attributes

  • Seamless integration & operation

  • Non invasive of physical environment

  • Non proprietary technology

  • No workflow or process interruptions

  • On-demand customer support

8. Generous incentive compensation

9. Supportive independent sales culture

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