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  • What are the QVH system hardware and software components?
    Hardware:  Server PTZ cameras Network gear Power conditioning. Software:   Server OS = Windows Tablet = Android
  • When you say the QVH system is wireless, what does that mean?
    It means the Operator Tablet (WIFI)
  • How many cameras in the system configuration?
    Five (5) cameras.  4 located at the corners of the procedure table and 1 located opposite the doorway to capture room participants.  
  • What do you mean by noninvasive and inconspicuous installation?
    The QVH cameras are inserted into the ceiling and the QVH-Server is stored in an elevated rack.  
  • Does you system synchronize audio sounds and video movement?
    Yes, both the body motions / audio-and-lips are calibrated and automatically sync by the QVH software.
  • If the procedure room personnel move equipment around is there a chance they could block a camera view of the procedure in progress?
    Certainly possible, but typically its usually only 1 out of 4 cameras that would be blocked therefore the other 3 cameras still have excellent views.
  • Is the QVH system require any Cloud or Internet services?
    No, the QVH system is an in-room self-contained stand along sytem that is completely independent of any Cloud conectivity or services.
  • Does the QVH system required the entry of patient names and procedure codes?
    Do to HIPAA requirements the QVH recording system does not collect Patient Names or Procedure Codes. However, the QVH the post procedure administrator APP which is operator by authorized health care professionals does allow the capture and store Patient Names and Procedure Codes.  
  • How long does it take to install and train the QVH system?
    About 4 hours usually beginning early morning thus leaving plenty of time for training in the afternoon.
  • Is there training documentation for operating the system?
    Yes, there is a 2-page Quick Reference Guide that illustrates and explains all functions in the system.
  • What system support does QVH provide?
    1) In return for the minimum monthly fee, QVH provide a Monday thru Friday Help Desk technical and administrative support assistance to     a. Diagnose OS issues, network issues, storage issue and fix if possible     b. Diagnose and fix QVH Application software issues 2) Provide advisory and or training advice to any Customer personnel that contacts the Help Desk 3) Provide explanation of invoices and the supporting data.
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